March 19, 2021

On March 12, Manufacton's Jason Barber presented at World of Modular 2021. During his presentation, Jason began with why modular construction is so important. Lower project costs, reduced schedule time, and improving resource recruiting are just three of the topics discussed. Next, he moved into some of the challenges facing the modular construction industry including Covid-19, housing shortage, workforce shortage, stagnant production, and increased cost. Finally, Jason looked at how users can facilitate Manufacton's unique product to track their projects from raw materials to completion. To learn more in a one on one demo, please click the button below!


Posted March 4, 2021


Jason Barber PE, Manufacton's VP of Industry Strategy and Solutions, will be presenting Connecting the Dots: Managing the Complete Lifecycle of Modular Construction at World of Modular 2021 on March 12 at 1pm EST. Learn how Manufacton can help optimize production to save you time and resources! Jason will go in depth on how to improve efficiency, collaborate with internal stakeholders and upscale your modular business. If you are unable to attend, please click the link below to request more information now!

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